Our clients auction their property with us for a variety of reasons. But they all come to Bill Tillett Auctioneer for one result: to get the most money for their property. We are the oldest auction company in the Northern Virginia area. For over 50 years, we have provided the invaluable combination of knowledge, experience and integrity to our buyers and sellers. Whether on-site or at our Auction Barn, we are a full service company that is professionally equipped to handle any of your auction needs which may include:

Estates • Appraisals • Personal Property • Fundraising/Benefits

Settling the estate of a loved one is a difficult process and liquidating his or her property can be just as challenging. Our company has the experience to organize estate property, market it, and maximize its value at auction so you can concentrate on more important matters. The contents of the entire Estate are sold, everything from flatware to furniture, and as we say “items too numerous to mention”. Bill Tillett Auctioneer has the know-how and experience to handle an entire estate.

Bill Tillett Auctioneer also can meet your personal property appraisal needs. We can appraise furniture, antiques and collectibles. Also, keep in mind that in many cases, an auction held within a certain period of time will serve as an estate appraisal. Please consult your estate attorney for more information.

Personal Property
Your personal property has value, and Bill Tillett Auctioneer can turn that value into cash. We gladly accept consignments for all types of items including, but not limited to, antiques, collectibles, coins, furniture, art and other household items. So if you’re downsizing to a smaller home, moving, redecorating, or just looking to get some cash in hand, our company can help you achieve your goals.

Fundraising/Benefit Auctions
If you’re a member of a community organization or non-profit group, there’s always one resource in short supply – money. Holding a live fundraising auction is the best way to bring in money to support your organization, or fund an initiative that will improve your community. Our auction team will counsel your group on what to do, and how to do it, to create a fun and fast paced auction for your next fundraiser. If you choose Bill Tillett Auctioneer for your next fundraiser/benefit auction, not only will you have more money to last you through the year, but memories that will last a lifetime.

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